17 November - 2018
Erika & Mike’s wedding love story By: Mandy, 0 Comments

When Erika asked me months ago if I would photograph her wedding, I hesitated. I had never shot a wedding before and knew how much pressure I would be under to capture all the moments. Up until that point, wedding photography had never really crossed my mind.

But, Erika was the perfect bride – she wasn’t fussed about having all the usual wedding shots, she just wanted a collection of memories from their special day. This would be a great opportunity for me to find out whether wedding photography was something I was interested in – something Erika was adamant I try.

Fast-forward to the wedding day. My stomach was a tangle of nerves and I found myself regretting my decision – all I could think was, “What if I mess it up?” Fortunately, I stopped the negative thoughts and realised I just had to enjoy myself and aim to get the shots I wanted from my own wedding many years ago.

It was the perfect wedding day

It was such a beautiful wedding day – filled with love, laughter and friends. I was blown away by how easy it was to capture all the special moments, from the moment I first pressed my shutter until I took the last photo of the evening. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do – photography.

Erika’s attention to detail was impeccable – but the gin bar was probably the most memorial detail of the day. They had asked their family travelling from the UK to bring a bottle of gin with them. Needless to say, there was one bottle of gin that stood out!

Erika and Mike’s friends made the entire day possible – from the decor and flowers to her gorgeous hand-painted silk dress. Everyone in her life was involved in some way.

The love between Erika and Mike is the love story everyone wants.

Venue: Cederkloof Botanical Retreat