14 October - 2018
Photography – where it all began By: Mandy, 0 Comments

I’ve always enjoyed photography – it gives me the opportunity to flex a different creative muscle. I’ve always wished that I could draw but instead I can capture moments with my camera.

When I turned 21 my parents gave me a beautiful point-and-shoot camera, which was one of the best back then. I used that camera to learn how to take photos using the manual setting. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO – these were all terms that scared me at first but have now become second nature.

In 2013, a few months after we got married, I bought my first DSLR from our talented wedding photographer. I had a beautiful 35mm lens and was ready to see what I could do. As the years went on, I added an additional lens and spent the time getting to know my camera and what it could do.

I also took a course in Lightroom, which only helped to better my photography skills. Earlier this year, I bought a second camera, a bigger and better lens, and now I’m keen to see where I can this – how far I can push myself creatively.

Describing my style

I’d describe my style as natural – I only edit to enhance the beauty I’ve captured. Probably my absolute favourite time to photograph is at dawn, when the light is perfect and the sky is filled with pink and purple colours. Dusk is also a pretty magical time filled with yellows and oranges.

I’ve still got a lot to explore but I’m excited about the journey and where it will take me.